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  • F. Trella (S)
Hi! I just found your wonderful website and I must say that I pretty much feel like I've found heaven! ;) I am right now getting closer to finishing my complete restoring and refurbishing of my 1986 Volvo 244 and I found some of the last missing things among your products.
B. Regards, Fredrik Trella


  • E. Verhoog (NL)
Beste Volvogue, ik heb de stickers (black Saab 900 hood sticker, anti-steenslag) ontvangen en ze zien er goed uit... groeten, Emile.


  • H. Willmes (D)
Hello Volvogue. Everything is fine - I just took teh package out of the mailbox. You needn't ask. Simply was impatient. I'd like to assure you that you've got an additional very satisfied customer on your list. I wish you and your family a mery Christmas and a happy new year or - as we say in German - "einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr".
All the best, Hendrik.

  • O. Vastbinder (NL)
De mudguards zijn gisteravond binnengekomen. Ze zien er goed uit. Ik ga straks lekker een werkplaats regelen voor dit weekend zodat ik ze in kan bouwen.  ... Ik heb de mudguards geplaatst. Ik merk het verschil trouwens wel direct. Het is iets stiller en men name op zand/steen weggetjes is geluid van de stenen die aan de binnenkant van de wielkast komen is veel minder.
Groetjes, Olle. 
  • D. MacKenzie (UK)
Hi Volvogue, I received the stripings and key thismorning, thank you. I'm looking forward to getting my car
back from the panters now and getting these fitted. Will be 2 or 3 weeks, maybe more until the car is
finished but when its done I will email a photo to you.
(Volvogue:That will be great David, we'll let your picture shine on this page!)
I post on the Volvo Forums and will let people know the excellent service I received from Volvogue. Once
again, thank you for your excellent service and I will be sure to buy from you again. Regards, David.
  • A. Bottura (IT)
I finally had the lokaris installed in one of the two cars, and the other will follow soon. I'm very satisfied and
made our little community of Volvo 200 lovers ( aware of that. The product is very good indeed
and easy to mould. I would say that the fit would be just perfect for "newer" 240s, since the back end pre-
drilling goes straight to the top of the plastic mudguard, where on older 200s like mine there's nothing. So it
ended up that now I have the regular rubber mudguard plus a very short PE extra-mudguard, which is not
bad at all... We opted for not using the clips but two extra screws and no tape. We did some very little
trimming. This way everything is easily removable for a quick rust-oriented inspection, but seeing the thing
installed makes me think I won't never ever need that. I might opt for the Bison way on the Transfer...
Just wanted to let you know, and say thanks.
Best regards from Italy, Alessandro

Volvogue Mudguard installen on a Volvo 245

  • A. Koetje (NL)

Hoi, Hierbij nog wat foto's van m'n Volvo 245 met nieuwe stickers van Volvogue. Op zich ben ik erg tevreden met
het resultaat, maar het verwijderen van de oude stickers was wel even werk.

(Volvogue: Bedankt Arnold, we zullen extra tips voor verwijderen in de beschrijving zetten)
Ik ben blij dat het er weer netjes uitziet. Ik heb jammer genoeg geen foto's van de oude situatie gemaakt, maar ik
kan je verzekeren dat het enorm opgeknapt is.
Succes verder met je bedrijf.

Vriendelijke groetArnold Koetje

245 with new striping 1245 with new striping 2


  • Steven Haigh (UK)

Hi again. In addition to my other email I thought I would send you some feedback on
how I got on with the stripes:

They are perfect in every way, apart from... Make the gaps between the stripings bigger.

(Volvogue: Thanks Steven, the next batch is adjusted, according to your advice!)
Not complaints at all, I just know that you are determined to make your products as
good as possible so I thought some helpful suggestions would come in handy...

Thanks again, Steve  (ps Here is my beautiful "Thor")

Steven Thor



























  • Ian Hutchinson (UK)

Hi, I received my rear arch liners today.
They look good and I am impressed by the quality.
Thanks Ian Hutchinson

  • Frans Verbraecken (BE)

Op de Volvo beurs in Utrecht kocht ik twee sets "reflector strips" & "rear interior mudguards".
Zowel op mijn 244/1977 als mijn 144GL/1974 paste alles perfect. Prachtige accessoires!
Tot een volgende keer, Verbraecken Frans


  • Fred Houwerzijl (NL)

Het pakketje is keurig over gekomen. De stikkers zien er goed uit ben er zeer content mee,
nogmaals dank voor de moeite m.v.g Fred.


  • Hans Palsrok (NL)

Hallo! Wij kunnen heel goed zien dat de wagen aan de achterzijde omhooggekomen is, de koplampen
hebben we naar boven moeten bijstellen. Het rijdt prima en het 'smoelt 'dus heel goed.
Succes aankoop!
Bedankt en groeten, tot de volgende keer, Hans Palsrok.

Volvo 245 Heavy Loadblocks


  • Philip Dreisen (NL)

Vandaag het pakketje ontvangen. En meteen alles aangebracht natuurlijk.
Past perfect allemaal. Ik had nooit gedacht nog aan deze stickers te komen.
Grote klasse van jullie.
Met vriendelijke groeten, Philip

  • Roger Jennings (UK)

I have just returned from holiday and would like to thank you for your prompt
dispatch of the order which was received at my office during my absence. The
striping set is exactly as you described it to be and I am very pleased with it. No
doubt it will be fitted this weekend in time for the Volvo Owners club annual rally
the following Sunday.
Thank you once again and I will not hesitate to pass your name and contact details
onto any other interested party.
Kind regards, Roger Jennings


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