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Meetings / Fairs
Like 2008, again Volvogue participates in Volvo Classic Fair 2009!

"Volvo Klassieker Beurs", Oktober 24th and 25th, 2009 Utrecht.

See the site for more information.

 VROM Meeting Sweden
Volvogue participated in VROM 2008!

"Volvo Rendezvous for Owners & Members", See the VROM site for more information. 

    Swiss Volvo Meeting
  Volvogue participated in the Swiss Volvo Meeting in 2009!
  SVM was held on 29/30 Augustus, 2009, Interlaken, Switserland.
  (Klick on the picture for the Swiss Volvo Meeting webpage)


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Ronald Wassink 557 Design Volvologisch
volvo 240 Switzerland 


   Probably the most active forum available!

   The Dutch Volvo 240 / 260 Register, automobile club dedicated to maintain and preserve the Volvo 200 series

   Dutch forum, full of Volvo

    Largest Volvo community in France, great database of mechanics, covers all volvos since the 544

    New and fresh volvo online community in France, most members are from the north-east part of France

    Big Volvo forum (3000+ members) in Spain. More into modern volvos, but some rwd addicts too  and

    The two main communities in Switzerland. Not with active forums, but with great reputtion and active members and

   The big USA communities

   One of the largest Volvo clubs and based in the UK but we have members in many other countries



   A meeting for all Volvo-enthusiasts, over club borders in Volvos home town!

   Dutch / Swedish website with lots of information on the Volvo 200-series

   A great website, filled up with interesting Volvo 240 links (mostly USA)

   Jon-Eriks website with a fine collection of scanned original 240 brochures

   Dutch dealer, also committed to develop enhancements, i.e. bumpers for your Volvo Amazon, made out of rust-free-steel

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